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What is eLevate8™?

eLevate8™ is a unique approach to selling value. Based on the universal needs of businesses today, eLev8 uncovers solutions that drive efficiencies and presents a roadmap toward product, process and supply chain optimization for clients across the globe.

eLevate8™ provides clients the analytics to interpret vast quantities of data all at once, turning information into insight so they can develop conclusive, fact-based strategies in order to gain a competitive advantage.

eLevate8™ provides access to the right information, in real time - using a consultative approach that helps spot trends and predict outcomes before they occur.

eLevate8™ is a diagnostic approach toward solving the problems of businesses today.

eLevate8™ compiles data from companies across the globe, gaining intelligence and benchmarking trends so that solutions presented are accurate and actionable based on your specific inputs.

eLevate8™ is not focused on product and price, but centers on cost and budgets to maximize client spend and return.

eLevate8™ is more than a tool; it is a consultative approach that identifies opportunities and enables technology to determine the best set of solutions.
  Not only is eLev8™ new, it is revolutionary to our industry. Clients, current and potential, will need a clear understanding on just how powerful eLev8 can be for their business. Use the information on this page to position eLev8 accurately at the outset, so that a common language is built and success realized.

For more information:
eLev8 Brochure, elev8 Client Flyer


  • 2615 Walden Avenue, Cheektowaga, NY 14225  
  • Tel: 716-825-1935   |   Fax: 716-825-0319   |   Email Us